About Dominique Denaive:


Since 1981, Dominique Denaive, devotes himself entirely to his passion: the creation and conception of high end jewellery. Dominique Denaive designs handmade resin jewellery. Each of his collection (two a year) is marked by a central inspiration. Between art deco, baroque, or 60s style, Dominique Denaive’s designs varie, and so do the techniques of inclusions that he uses to come to the final piece. All jewellery are handcrafted in limited series.The designer explains that he can be inspired by anything in life: a culture or scenery while traveling, a painting or even a movie. He also evokes the desire to develop his curiosity to an alienated subject to create an atmosphere of collection.It is in 1989, after having worked with Parisian haute couture houses, that Dominique Denaive decided to devote himself entirely to his own designs. Two collections per year are presented to exclusive boutique shops.In 2002, Dominique Denaive opens his exclusive boutique in Paris. It exposes his latest collections in the spirit of an art gallery. The boutique is located in Paris’ first district, Les Tuileries, 7 rue du 29 Juillet.


Dominique Denaive’s work of handmade resin:


Each piece of jewellery is drawn and then hand shaped into a prototype by the designer. This first artwork is made out of pure pewter and entirely handsculptured, giving to the future jewel its handmade and non-linear aspect.Prototypes are then cast in resin and natural inclusions – such as mother-of-pearl or semiprecious stones, depending on the collection theme – are inserted. The pieces are then polished manually; this last step gives a unique finish to all of our designs.

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