How to wear grey?




Sometimes perceived as a boring basic, the grey color rather appears as rich and versatile. Declined in many shades each season in every Dominique Denaive collection, adorned with silvery reflections and mother of pearl powder, it becomes vibrant and deep. The handcrafted resin process reminds the mysterious look of a black tourmaline with magnetic elegance. Here are some ideas of colorful combinations to sublime your outfits and make your grey jewel a creative signature!



Elegant and Refined, the Gradient of Grey Color

Grey is one of the so-called basic or neutral colors, particularly easy to style in any look. To be successful, it is recommended to perform a gradient from white to anthracite: the lightest colors will be worn close to the face in order to highlight, while the darkest tones will go towards the lower parts of the body.

In summer, a chunky cuff bracelet will gracefully embellish your wrist and bring a refined touch to a simple white t-shirt. A special occasion? Dare a spectacular piece, such as the beautiful Lisa bib necklace on a simple white dress.


Dynamic and Colorful: Grey and Bright Colors 

On the other hand, the stark appearance of grey can be diverted if it is worn in with strong colors. Its neutrality will soften your outfit built around bright pieces: green, orange or purple. On a daily basis, a long necklace or a bracelet with clean lines will soften these very strong colors.

Pastel Sweets

Your grey marbling jewelry will easily blend in your wardrobe with its pastel pieces: powder pink, a light lilac, fresh lavender. Almost out of date and so romantic, this combination will have you turn heads with its light and fresh looks.


Blue, for a Chic and Timeless Look

 Classic and timeless, the combination of grey and blue works perfectly. To twist this fabulous combination, opt for a strong piece, such as a bold statement necklace.



A Jackson Pollock hint?

Often used by the master of Abstract Expressionism, the combination of grey and yellow is also an interesting stylistic option. Wear a long multi-strand resin bead necklace on a pale-yellow dress or a pair of earrings with your favorite designer top.

In Red and Grey for a Chic Look

More versatile than black, grey is the ideal color to tamper the power of red. With a strong piece, such as a vibrant red dress, choose discreet jewels: a pair of stud earrings, a thin bracelet or a sharp ring. Accessorize your jacket or blouse with a multi-strand bib necklace, or wear a statement choker on a simple T-shirt.

We hope that these tips will inspire you and come in handy in your while shopping with us.




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