Blandine braceletColor Marble Beige

This stunning bracelets will instantly elevate your wrist with its smooth hand polished resin organic elements.


Informal textures add a playful feel to this apricot tone accent cuff.


Rounded shapes takes on contemporary aesthetics while maintaining the cool, designer feel of this statement accessory.


This bracelet is an easy to wear sculptural work of art that will get you turning heads!

All the secrets

Blandine bracelet by Denaive, handmade resin Beige color

125.00 62.50

2 piece(s) of product available
Wear it to give an array of outfits an elegant twist.


Color : Marble Beige
Weight 77 g
Dimensions 85 cm

Autumn/Winter Bien Habillée


Gold powder, Golden metal, Handmade resin, Mother-of-pearl powder

Stretch Bracelet. Delivered in our signature black cotton pouch with its warranty card.

A special attention

Your jewelry is unique and precious so it requires care and attention. Our recommendation is to gently wash it with water, avoid the use of chemicals and store it in a safe place.

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