Chlotilde earringsColor Corail

These gorgeous drop earrings are handmade in a precious colorful resin.


Denaive’s intensely artistic aesthetic expresses itself perfectly through these sculptural earrings.


Featuring a round cabochon supporting an oval shaped drop, they will subtly lenghten the perception of your silhouette.


These striking drop earrings are perfect for everyday wear, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.


At once classic and bold, they will dazzle no matter what they’re paired with.


We’re certain that these oval shaped drop Earrings will become a staple piece in your jewelry box.


Wear them alongside a stack of similar colors bracelets to capture the jeweller’s unique artistic flair.

All the secrets

Clotilde Earrings by Denaive, handmade resin Golden/Corail color

90.00 45.00

3 piece(s) of product available
A bold oval shaped drop, the material comes out at its best.


Color : Corail
Weight 26 g
Dimensions 5 × 8.2 cm

Gold powder, Golden metal, Handmade resin, Mother-of-pearl powder

Clip on earrings. Delivered in our signature black pouch with its warranty card.

A special attention

Your jewelry is unique and precious so it requires care and attention. Our recommendation is to gently wash it with water, avoid the use of chemicals and store it in a safe place.