Orlanda earringsColor Nacre

Denaive masters colours, lights and forms with these siple yet perfect earrings.


This gorgeous pair emulate an indian embellishment  and are made from handpolished resin for a clean, sophisticated look.


Choose them as a simple accent to a ruffled high-neck top.

All the secrets

Orlanda earrings by Denaive, handmade resin Nacre color

75.00 37.50

1 piece(s) of product available
The definition of a wear-anywhere statement.


Color : Nacre
Weight 26 g
Dimensions 32 cm

Fall/Winter Kerala Heritage


Gold powder, Golden metal, Handmade resin, Mother-of-pearl powder

Pierce on earrings. Delivered in our signature black pouch with its warranty card.

A special attention

Your jewelry is unique and precious so it requires care and attention. Our recommendation is to gently wash it with water, avoid the use of chemicals and store it in a safe place.