The Designer


A passion for creativity

A legendary figure among designers of fine costume jewellery, Dominique Denaive has carved out his reputation thanks to his mastery of resin. Years of craftsmanship have paved the way for his exquisite jewels in resin. His favorite material, blended with gold dust and pigments becomes a precious mineral which he shapes into unique items of jewellery. Even legendary Parisian fashion designers have called on his skills to produce exclusive pieces for their collections.

So what makes this jewellery so spectacular? A daring blend of a unique material with a carefully wrought design: an association of form and matter enchanting women around the world for more than thirty years.


A success story

From the very beginning, Dominique Denaive has taken the most original and creative approach to his designs, producing jewellery made to break the mould. As part of a Parisian team of ground- breaking fashion labels known as Le Groupe Des Halles, Dominique Denaive carved out his place as the leading costume jewellery designer of his generation. His early career was marked by an imagination of breath-taking liberty which shook the world of French jewellery and attracted a loyal following of women seeking true creativity.

It did not take long for luxury brands such as Christian Lacroix, Dior, Kenzo, Rochas or Balenciaga to take note. Up until 1999, each of these called on his talent to design exclusive resin models for their collections.

The new millennium arrived, and with it Dominique Denaive’s decision to dedicate his talent, alongside his wife Lena, exclusively to his own label.

Dominique Denaive is driven by the twin values of luxury and authenticity. He strives to ensure that his products reflect his own dedication to the very highest quality. A guarantee his label will always be associated with the best in haute-fantaisie jewellery.

The creative process

Dominique Denaive’s resin jewellery is the result of an artisanal and entirely manual creative process. The quality of the final product reflects his mastery of the production process.

Drawing inspiration from the arts, each of the 160 pieces in his collection starts life on Dominique Denaive’s sketchbook. From the first draft to the finished design, it takes a whole run of sketches and drawings before the designer’s vision can be distilled into a piece of jewellery. Next, comes an extensive technical research on the effects he will apply to the resin. Lastly is the production process itself, which is completed by a team of artisans trained and supervised by Denaive himself. In his workshop, the resin for each piece is carefully cast, finished, polished and assembled by hand meticulously. It is this attention to detail that imbues each element of the jewellery with its unique and rare character.

Dominique Denaive’s jewellery offers a rare delicacy, which can only be achieved when the craftsman creates an object by hand according to traditional artisanal expertise.

The soul and spirit of Dominique Denaive’s jewellery stems from the limited, entirely hand-crafted production runs. It’s this touch that makes all the difference.

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