The creator

The Creator

Dominique Denaive

A creative passion

An essential reference in the very closed circle of high-end costume jewelry designers, Dominique Denaive acquired this position by specializing in resin, a material whose codes he has mastered for many years. Embellished with gold dust, mother-of-pearl or transparency effects, his favorite material takes on the appearance of precious minerals that he shapes into unique jewellery.

Parisian luxury brands call on him to produce their exclusive pieces. The creator imagines and produces spectacular jewels as much for their original material as for their sophisticated design. This combination of material and shape has charmed women all over the world for more than thirty years.

A creative passion

Dominique Denaive has always been part of an ultra-creative approach marked by the non-conformist originality of her jewelry. Within the collective of emerging Parisian fashion brands called the Les Halles group, Dominique Denaive holds a special place by establishing himself as the flagship costume jewelry designer of his generation. Its beginnings are marked by an unbridled imagination that shakes up the codes of French jewelery and attracts women in search of creativity.

Very quickly, the greats of couture and luxury such as Christian Lacroix, Dior, Kenzo, Rochas or Balenciaga called on his expert talent to create their resin pieces that he designed exclusively for them until 1999.

At the dawn of the 21st century, Dominique Denaive decided to devote himself exclusively to his own brand, which he developed alongside his wife Lena.

Strengthened by its values ​​of luxury and authenticity, Dominique Denaive strives to transcribe this commitment to quality by controlling its production, guaranteeing an exceptional high-end fantasy label.

"When I create a piece of jewelry,
I think of the object first
that it will represent, in this form
bound from this matter which,
thanks to a unique color,
will catch the eye and highlight
the style of the woman who will wear it "

The Creative Process: From Artist to Craftsman

Resin jewelery by Dominique Denaive is the result of an artisanal and manual creative process marked by total control of the production chain.

Drawing its inspiration from the arts, each of the 160 models in a collection is first designed by Dominique Denaive. From the sketch to the final drawing, several sketches are developed in order to transcribe the initial vision into jewelry. After an important technical research on the material effects that he will give to the resin, he then supervises the realization of the jewels. It takes place in his workshop where his team of craftsmen trained by him in the particular techniques of working with resin flows, perfects, polishes and assembles each piece by hand with meticulous care. This attention guarantees to each element constituting the jewel its unique and rare character.

"The delicacy of my jewelry is the result of a process where I
shape the object respecting traditional craftsmanship"


Dominique Denaive jewelry is part of an approach of style and not of trend Their artistic character transcends seasons and ages.

The subtle alliance between material effects and daring design gives each Denaive jewel a strong aesthetic charge whose emanating emotion immediately embellishes the feminine silhouette.

These creations are perceived as both classics and exceptional pieces. A Dominique Denaive jewel catches the eye with its unique color, shapes and textures and above all with the individuality of style that it diffuses when worn.

Women of all generations are instantly seduced by the aura of chic and creative refinement it brings to them.

Spectacular, the Dominique Denaive jewel stands out for its proportion and the elegance it brings to the woman who wears it. Client Dominique Denaive is a woman of character who dares to use colors and appreciates an independent style. She is distinguished by her personal sense of style and her assumed mastery of fashion codes from which she frees herself to better divert them.

With a choice of more than 160 references of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches available in ten colors per season, rich and opulent, the Dominique Denaive collections seduce by their eclecticism and the wide range of shapes and colors they offer.


While the brand's flagship store and showroom opened in Paris in 2002 in the Tuileries district and rue Saint Honoré welcomes a prestigious clientele from both Paris and abroad, Dominique Denaive jewelry is also distributed in more than a hundred boutiques and concept stores in France and abroad.

The brand also presents 6 times a year at trade shows during fashion week in Paris and New York. The designer's wife, Léna, exhibits there every season to the press and buyers the jewelery collections of the Dominique Denaive brand.

Working with artisanal resin

Each piece that constitutes a jewel is designed and then produced in the form of a prototype by the designer. This first model is made of pure pewter and is sculpted entirely by hand, which will give the future jewel its non-linear and artisanal aspect. Then comes the step of casting in resin and inserting natural inclusions such as mother-of-pearl or semi-precious stones depending on the collection theme. The pieces are then sanded and polished manually which brings a unique finish to all our creations.